Developing financial capability across New Zealand is a collective effort.

nat strat 1The vision outlined in this National Strategy is about equipping and enabling all New Zealanders to navigate through a lifetime’s worth of choices. Choices that can lead to everyone getting ahead financially.

The strategy is clear and pragmatic with five work streams – more than 100 organisations have signed up to deliver it.

Bringing about sustainable behaviour change can be a challenge. It’s resource-hungry and definitely not for the faint-hearted, but success is improved with collaboration.

The goal of the National Strategy – developed by the Commission for Financial Capability in consultation with stakeholders – is to galvanise and consolidate efforts, share knowledge, and provide a structure to talk about the work to be done.

There are five key activity streams within the National Strategy.

  • Talk:  a cultural shift that makes it easy to talk about money
  • Learn: effective financial learning throughout life
  • Plan: everyone has a current financial plan and is prepared for the unexpected
  • Debt-smart: people make smart use of debt
  • Save/invest: everyone saving and investing

Building financial capability is a shared responsibility and everyone has a part to play. It’s fostered at home, at school, in workplaces and elsewhere in the community. And critically, success at an individual level builds success at a national level, both socially and economically.

It’s important to recognise that knowledge alone is not the determinant of success and that behaviour is not always rational. If we focus on simply telling people what they should do, we shouldn’t stand back in surprise when they don’t do it.

Driving sustainable behaviour change is a challenge  - but we have a better chance of success through collaboration.

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Government statement on Financial Capability

The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Paul Goldsmith has issued a government statement to reinforce the contribution financial capability makes to the goal of everyone getting ahead financially.

Download the Statement on Financial Capability >

Paper copies of the National Strategy are available, please contact us to request a copy >