Everyone has a financial plan and is prepared for the unexpected

It’s about knowing where you want to be, what success looks like, and making a plan to get there.


  • People make financial plans to support their life goals

  • All New Zealanders have a current financial plan that suits their needs

  • People protect their assets with insurance and emergency funds


  • Money is managed well so more can be spent, saved and invested

  • Individual and household net worth improves over time

  • Crisis borrowing is reduced

  • Wealth is protected


  • Individuals are not accustomed to paying for professional financial advice

  • Consumer trust in financial advisers needs to improve

  • People inadequately assess their risks
"2025 Goal: All New Zealanders have a financial plan that suits their needs"


Promote the benefits of financial planning (short, medium and long term) and risk management

Conduct campaigns to encourage households to build an emergency fund

Grow innovative and accessible channels offering qualified financial advice

Work with employer groups to introduce and extend financial education in the workplace

Goals 2025

90% of people annually review their financial plans and insurances (up from 66% for plans and up from 57% for insurances, FBI)

90% of households can access three months' expenses in an emergency (up from 72%, FBI)

All New Zealanders have a financial plan that suits their needs

50% more people use qualified financial advisers (up from 15%, FKBS)

50% of workplace financial education programmes include understanding of financial planning

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