A cultural shift where it’s easy to talk about money

Money has traditionally been regarded as a taboo subject. We’d like to see that change.


  • Money becomes a comfortable topic of conversation People talk with their partner, family/whanau and friends about money

  • People confidently talk with providers, ask questions and understand the choices before them


  • People are able to navigate their way through decisions about financial products and services.

  • Families and partners make joint decisions and work together to improve their financial situation.


  • As a culture, we are not used to talking about money

  • Individual differences can make talking about money stressful

  • Financial products and services can be complex
"Individual differences can make talking about money stressful"


Conduct campaigns about why talking about money is important

Embed 'talking about money' in financial capability and investor education programmes

Equip people to navigate their way through a point-of-sale conversation with a financial services provider.

Goals 2025

Money is an everyday topic of conversation

Community focused, innovative programmes are delivered based on emerging concerns

Families and households make use of quality financial resources when talking about money.

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