Welcome to the new National Strategy digital environment

Explore the key features of the digital environment to find out more about the strategy and join the conversation in the forum.

Welcome to new digital environment for the National Strategy, designed to create an online hub for open conversations and up-to-date information about the strategy in action.
You can explore the key streams under the 'National Strategy' heading: talk, learn, plan, debt-smart and save/invest. 
Find out more about the approach to collaborative working to deliver the strategy in the 'Collective Impact' section. Collective Impact is a hot topic among government agencies and community sector organisations, and you can find out why the Commission for Financial Capability is adopting this technique.
The 'stories' section will be updated regularly with news, events and case studies of the National Strategy in action. If you have any stories to add, be sure to contact us through the 'Get involved' section.