Show me the Money Week: 5 – 11 September 2016

Now in its fifth year, Money Week is the platform for us to work together with partners to change the financial behaviours of New Zealanders.

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This year’s theme - "Show Me The Money Week" - is directly linked to the ‘Plan’ stream of the National Strategy for Financial Capability. It’s all about visualising the future and making a plan to get there – whether it’s having the right insurance, saving for a house deposit or planning for retirement. It’s about making financial plans to support our life goals.

During Money Week hundreds of free or low-cost money-related activities are planned, coordinated, promoted and attended. It’s the week where organisations, government agencies, NGOs, councils, schools, community groups, libraries and whanau around the country run events and have conversations about managing money and reaching their goals.

The outcomes sought lead to everyone getting ahead financially and improving personal and whanau well-being over a lifetime. The Commission has an enabling and cheerleading role, providing brand assets, the digital platform (, core marketing collateral and a range of free resources (e.g. seminars, booklets, posters, digital tools) to participating organisations.

But participation isn’t limited to running external events. Workplaces transform into learning environments during Money Week as events are organised for employees to lift their own financial capability. To support this, the Commission provides free and independent money planning tools and resources at including workplace seminars and a nationwide group of facilitators.

By continuously working with and supporting partner organisations, the Commission has been able to coordinate the collective effort and make it easy for partners to get behind Money Week. Working together we can help more people in our communities by encouraging them to think about their future - especially beyond their working years - and enabling them to get ahead financially.

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